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In a profit driven market, the demand on the Executive to be creative, innovative, adaptive, and strategic, while overseeing a diverse work force can lead to increased stress and pressure.  Unaddressed stress and pressures may have adverse physical, emotional, & spiritual negative impacts.  Executive Coaching is a strategy for increasing self-awareness & the qualities of Emotional Intelligence that may result in creating a work place culture that openly welcomes and values the contributions of all it’s members. Sharpened personal Insight, supporting a positive workplace culture can lead to increased retention rates, cohesiveness, and commitment to the organizational/corporate mission, resulting in innovation and profitability.  There are many ways Mutatio can help an organization/corporation thrive.

Research has illustrated that the role of an exceptional leader in today’s marketplace calls for 20% content knowledge and 80% people knowledge.  Research shows leader of an organization/corporation or institution sets the culture of that system.  Leaders with a high level of self-awareness and high levels of the characteristics of Emotional Intelligence tend to create cultures that are open.  Open Work Cultures allow employees know that they are appreciated, valued and that their contributions are encouraged and welcomed.  Open Work Cultures, encourages collaboration, and trust.  High levels of trust have been shown to result in greater connection to the mission of the organization and greater profitability.

Closed workplace cultures by comparison are characterized by leaders who are essentially autocratic.  This leader fails to consider the infinite possibilities when they welcome input from members of the workplace.  Close cultures impact quality, efficiency, frustration, fear and distrust.  Distrust among employees,  may result in higher levels of gossip, isolation, competition and a sense of complacency among employees.  Employees who feel devalued and underappreciated often take more sick days; fail to meet project deadlines and the organization experiences a greater turnover rate resulting in the need to invest greater resources to recruit new talent.

Creating a workplace that best aligns with the organization’s values and missions is the single most important responsibility of an Executive Leader.  To achieve continual results leaders must continuously reflect on her/his leadership style.  Mutatio provides a menu of options to help Executive Leader’s reach their highest level of self-awareness in order to be the most effective leader’s possible.

This includes:

  • Executive Coaching for self awareness and increased Emotional Intelligence

  • Upper Management Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Training

  • Workplace Culture Assessment

  • Feedback and Cultural Redesign

  • Building Trust in the Workplace:  Having Biting Conversations – A Process

  • Assessing Workplace Culture for Innovation and Profitability

  • Workplace Training for Cultural Shifts

  • Rethinking Employee Assessment

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