About Us

Will Crimi President, Mutatio Consulting

Will’s diverse and expansive career afforded him opportunities to work with people and organizations across the Country.  He has served in leadership positions in sectors that include government, non-profit, philanthropic and policy development.  He is the Founding Executive Director of two Institutes and numerous Leadership Development Programs. A graduate of The Ohio State University, he has earned degrees in early and middle childhood education and counseling psychology.

As a Counselor and Therapist, Will provided individual, family and relationship therapy for children and youth, adults in recovery, adults impacted by the addiction of one or more Caregiver and others.  In this role Will’s primary objective is to aid others achieve adaptive skills and behaviors through an eclectic blend of age, gender, sexual orientation and culturally responsive approaches.

Consistent with his personal and professional values, Will’s conviction to personal and organizational change led him to utilize his vast experience in developing an Executive and Personal Life Change Practice, or Coaching.  As a Coach, he views himself as a conduit for helping other’s achieve self identified change through assessing readiness, strategy development, and evaluation.  Will views the Coaching relationship as a co-partnership between two people who have a specific area of knowledge needed to facilitate change.   He has received Coaching Certifications from Cornell University and Korn-Ferry.

Mr. Crimi is the President of Mutatio Consulting, which provides Coaching Services to individuals wishing to make changes in their lives and Executive Coaching to expand emotional intelligent competencies to leader in a changing marketplace.
For his contributions to the field, Will is honored to be the recipents of numerous awards and acknowledgements.  Based in Columbus, Ohio, Will is an aspiring writer, having just completed his first novel.